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5 Spectacular Mother’s Day Quotes

May rolls around every year… at the same time..
If you are anything like me.. you are never really ready for it.

My mom used to live down the street from me for many many years.. if I didn’t plan.. it was ok.. I could run to the store and get something and run by her house..

Yet now she lives in a completely different state.. If I do not plan…
she ends up getting her gift late..

What I decided to do was put together a group of quotes that I could send her everyday building up to Mother’s Day.

See my mom has put up with A LOT from me..and she really deserves to be honored every day of the year.. yet Mother’s Day is a time I can really show her that I love her..

I’m sharing my quotes with you.. maybe you might want to send them to your mom or a lady that raised you.. for five days leading up to Mother’s Day.. (Basically party on Cinco de Mayo and send the first quote on May 5!)

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